Sometimes even the soil around your house can contain lead. If water containing lead came in contact with your yard at some point, there exists a chance it left a dirty little deposit…

Example 1: Remember when they filled in your lawn with topsoil? Do you know for SURE where that topsoil came from? Did it come from a pristine yard untouched by pollution or did it come from a questionable little quarry on the outskirts of an industrial landfill whose runoff management policies don’t get enforced?

Example 2: How about the runoff from up the street where they work with all sorts of metals and metal finishing products? Has it gone through the appropriate treatment systems before it reached the banks of the little stream where the kids like to play? How about the puddles formed from the runoff flowing downhill from that metalworking facility? What sort of nasty contaminants (i.e. heavy metals like chromium & mercury or possibly even… cyanide?) might one find in those?

lead in soil test

If you don’t know the answers to those or any other questions pertaining to whether or not your soil contains lead, take a look at this Lead in Soil test.

This simple, easy-to-use test kit will help to keep your friends and family safe from the potentially lethal effects of inadvertent lead poisoning.

Now on the other hand, should you have concerns about the amount of lead in your drinking water, please refer to our Water Testing Blog entry about the Lead in Water Test Kit.