Worried about accidental exposure to lead from lead in drinking water, lead in soil, lead in paint, etc.? With so many news stories popping up about the levels of lead in drinking water and horror stories about children growing up with mental disabilities as a result of playing with and/or ingesting lead from paint chips, one has to wonder about their own family’s exposure level to lead in the environment.

LeadConfirm Saliva Lead Screening Test Kit

Previously medical professionals had only procedures requiring invasive bloodwork (the drawing of blood for analytical purposes) as a means of determining a person’s exposure to lead. For many families the idea of taking the whole family in for periodic bloodwork sounds like a nasty event if members of your family hates needles, as most of the staff at Water Testing Blog does, and a real inconvenience to make appointments for everyone at the doctor’s office to have the blood drawn. Then let’s not forget about having to make separate appointments to go back to the doctor’s office a few weeks later to get the results.

LeadConfirm Saliva Lead Screening Test Kit provides fast, accurate,and conficential laboratory results withing 5 or 6 days. It will also save you time by eliminating multiple trips to the doctor’s office and the pain associated with getting stuck with a needle.

Does LeadConfirm Lead in Saliva Test Give Accurate Results?

99.9% accurate: FDA Approved collection kit, as reliable as blood lab tests. Our CLIA Accredited Laboratory uses state-of-the-art Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) with Mass Spectrometry X2 (LC/MS/MS) technology to determine the amount of lead present. ( source )

How Does LeadConfirm Lead in Saliva Test Measure Up Against Blood Tests?

In this study, a patented methodology and process called LeadFinderâ„¢ was employed at Confirm BioSciences’s partner lab Western Slope Laboratory in Troy, Michigan to analyze the saliva of 100 children living in North Carolina. At the same time, the blood of those children was analyzed by the Department of Health in North Carolina.

By comparing the results of the two lead test studies it became apparent that:

  • Analyzing saliva is an effective means to establish body lead – especially if this test is viewed as a “screening method” with the recommendation of a physician involved in the event results exceed a certain level.
  • There was a 1.00 (100%) correlation between lead levels found in the saliva tests vs. blood tests ( source )
  • The evidence speaks for itself. LeadConfirm offers consumers a fast, convenient, accurate, and needle-free lead testing alternative.