Though not something which will affect most of us here in the United States, we recently read that officials in India have decided to enforce mandatory water testing w/ submission of the test results for all hotels in parts of India.

In order for hotels to acquire new business licenses or renew existing licenses they will need to get their water tested and send the results into the government for review.

While some may think this new legislation a bit odd, or perhaps even a waste of time, Water Testing Blog applauds the government officials who came up with this plan and hopes their efforts to ensure the potability of water in the region meet with unparalleled success!

Below you will find excerpts from the article which appeared on the Times of India web site.

NASHIK: The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has made water testing compulsory for hoteliers who are acquiring a new licence or at the time of renewal of the licence. Subsequently, all hoteliers have to submit the water reports.

There are around 1,000 large and medium hotels in Nashik division, which include five districts— Nashik, Dhule, Jalgaon, Ahmednagar and Nandurbar. Around 225 of the hotels are in Nashik district.

Speaking to TOI, Shashikant Kekare, Joint Commissioner (Food), FDA said, “As per the new Food and Safety Act, submission of water reports has been made mandatory for all the hotels to ensure that the water they are using is potable.”

“Now, we are planning to cover all those whom we have still not covered. We will take legal action against those food related businesses which are found unregistered after August 4,” Kekare said. ( source )

Not a whole lot more for us to say except… don’t ever take for granted that the water you have coming out of your tap contains no harmful contaminants. It never hurts to perform occasional water quality testing — just in case.

The sooner you know about a water quality concern, the sooner you can remedy the situation, and the less exposure to potentially unsafe water you and your family will have!

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