Since posting an entry last week discussing how the Morton Salt Company has a limited time offer for a free total hardness test strip we learned that Diamond Salt Company has a similar offer available to the general public.

Why have these companies decided to give stuff away? Simple: Both corporations manufacture and sell large amounts of salt which goes in water softening units. By giving away free test strips for water hardness they stand a chance of sparking a surge in the water softener industry which will, in turn, increase the demand for salt that goes in the water softeners. Then they will sell more salt and make more money.

OK, so we know why the Morton Salt Company and the Diamond Salt Company want to send you a free water hardness test strip, but why should you care about hard water, right? Read this previous posting called What is Hard Water and Why Should I Care?.

Then, if you find that you do care about having hard water, you may want to invest a few dollars (like ten or 12 dollars) in a simple at-home drinking water test kit such as the WaterWorks 9-Way Test Kit to see if you have other problems with your water.