Lead, Lead and more Lead. . . For the longest time many water professionals viewed lead as a problem only if the water lines from the treatment plant to the house contained inappropriate amounts of lead — but not any more.

Ivars Jaunakais, chief analytical chemist, founder and President of Industrial Test Systems, Inc. uncovered interesting data which suggested that lead comes from other sources and was able to prove his hypothesis by testing for the presence of lead in faucet aerators. He found that particulates which had accumulated in the nozzles and faucet aerators sometimes contained and, in turn, produced substantial amounts of lead far in excessive of the EPA’s 15ppb ruling for drinking water.

Older testing methods involved testing procedures best carried out in a laboratory setting. Through the use of groundbreaking LEADQuickTM ReagentStrip & Reagent technology and the Hach’s already established LeadTrakTM Pocket ColorimeterTM II, Ivars greatly reduced the cost per test and total test times while making the test safer, simpler and easier to perform.

No longer do water samples have to get hauled back to a laboratory for analysis in order to get laboratory grade test results. Field samplers and field technicians can now safely and easily test for lead concentrations in water at a fraction of the cost and in a fraction of the time.

LEADQuickTM Lead Test for the LeadTrakTM Pocket ColorimeterTM II

(More Information on Ivars’ New Lead Test Coming Soon!)