In a previous post we discussed NSF Certification of water quality treatment devices and stated that devices meeting the requirements for NSF Certification would most likely do a far better job of keeping your drinking water safe and clean than non-NSF certified drinking water quality purification devices.

Question: Do other organizations other than NSF International also do independent testing of devices to ensure product quality and help guarantee that manufacturers have not fabricated the claims made in their literature.

Answer: Yes. One such organiztion goes by the name of the Water Quality Association and it, too performs and/or outsources manufacturer-independent testing of drinking water quality devices. They call their program the Gold Seal Product Certification Program and make the following statement regarding its purpose and place in the drinking water quality industry:

“The Water Quality Association’s Gold Seal Certification Program is dedicated to providing public health and safety services throughout the USA and globally, while maintaining expert service, superior reputation, and fair pricing. The Gold Seal Program offers certification of all products and chemicals that contact drinking water.” (source)

Question: Does either the Gold Seal Certification Program or the NSF Certification Program guarantee that a product will perform exactly as it needs to in order to provide you with good, clean and safe drinking water?

Answer: Not unless you know ahead of time what aspects of your drinking water need correcting! Think of it this way… Buying a high quality running shoe that fits your foot perfectly will not help you when you need to go ice skating.