A while back we received a question from a soldier stationed in Iraq who wanted information on NSN’s (National Stock Numbers) for specific Katadyn Personal Water Filtration Products. Apparently he didn’t trust the water in a ridiculously hot and dry combat zone. Weird, right?

We forwarded as much information as we could to the soldier but neglected to post it on the site. Oops.

At the time we could only scrounge up a few NSN’s for Katadyn products:

Filters Fast: Katadyn Micropur MP1 Emergency Water Tabs (8013692)
Katadyn Micropur MP1 Emergency Water Tabs

Filters Fast: Katadyn Microfilter Replacement Cartridge
Katadyn Microfilter
Replacement Cartridge

Filters Fast: Katadyn Pocket Microfilter (8013618)
Katadyn Pocket Microfilter

In the original inquiry the soldier also asked if we knew the NSN’s for the Katadyn Vario System and where he could potentially purchase a few units along with replacement filters, etc. We did not have any luck locating an NSN for the Vario System but we did find an online retailer (www.waterfilters.net) that carried replacement filters for the Vario System.

WaterFilters.Net: Katadyn Vario Replacement Carbon Filters (2-Pack)
Katadyn Vario Replacement
Carbon Filters 2-Pack

WaterFilters.Net: Katadyn Vario Replacement Ceramic Filter Disc
Katadyn Vario Replacement
Ceramic Filter Disc

WaterFilters.Net: Katadyn Vario Pleated Filter
Katadyn Vario Pleated Filter
Good for ~530 Gallons

Hopefully the answers we provided to the young man a while back and now to the rest of you will do somebody, somewhere, a little bit of good. To all the men and women who have served, currently serve, and will serve in any branch of the United States Military, we thank you for making it possible for us to wake up each day and enjoy a whole host of freedoms not found in many other parts of the world.