Often times finding replacement filter housings for existing water filtration systems can prove much more difficult than finding the cartridges that go in them… but not if you do the SMART thing and stick with industry standard sizes (i.e. Big Blue 20″ Filter Housing and Big Blue 10″ Filter Housing).

Pentek 20 Inch Water Filter Housing
Pentek 20 Inch
Water Filter Housing

Today’s inquiry came from a lady(?) named ‘Anne4Guy’ who asked, “Jusat bought a house and it has a filter system that looks and smells nasty. House sat vacant for a long while and god knows what’s living in the filterhousing by now. Can I replace just the long blue thing that holds the filter or do I need to replace the whole lines and everything?

Sounds to us like you need to have a water filter specialist pay you a visit to take a look at your filter setup and determine just how much it will take to get it back up and running properly.

Short of doing that, however, you can START by replacing the filter cartridge and filter housing BUT we ALSO wholeheartedly suggest using the certified water testing services of companies like National Testing Labs, Test Country or a local certified water testing lab.

Remember: Just because a lab advertises testing does NOT make it a CERTIFIED to perform water testing… and rarely should you ever trust a company that sends a water treatment system salesperson to collect the sample!

Get back to the filter housing issue, please!

OK, OK… Back to the ‘long blue filter housing’. We believe that sounds like a 20″ Big Blue Filter Housing, a reinforced polypropylene filter housing made by Pentek that hold a variety of different 20″ long filters with diameters ranging from 2 1/2″ and 2 7/8″. Pentek Part Number 150009.

Now, if by ‘long’ you mean roughly 10″ in length, then you could very possibly have one of Pentek’s 10″ Big Blue Filter Housings installed. See below for two possible options.

Filter Water: Pentek 10 Inch Filter Housing
Pentek 10 Inch Filter Housing
w/ 1-Inch Water Line Diameter

Filter Water: Pentek 10 Inch Filter Housing
Pentek 10 Inch Filter Housing
w/ 3/4-Inch Water Line Diameter