Ever wonder about the quality of the water in the stream running on the edge of your property where the kids play? How about the water in the pond or lake where you go swimming in the Summer?

If you have not, then you probably don’t know that those bodies of water can sometimes contain high levels of nitrates, nitrites, bacteria, and other natural ‘things’ which can, in the right concentrations, cause illness in animals and humans.

  • Health officials closely monitor water conditions at public beaches for a reason: High levels of the aforementioned naturally occurring compounds, and others, can make swimmers ill.
  • Pond owners monitor the conditions of the water in their ponds for a reason: Too much of the aforementioned naturally occurring compounds makes the water in their ponds toxic to fish… and it costs money to replace fish.

  • Environmentalists pay close attention to nitrate, nitrite and bacteria levels in surface water for a reason: Too much or too little of any may signal the growth or lack of growth of plant and animal-life critical to the ecosystem.

So whether you want to take a dip in the lake, wade out into the river, play in the stream, or raise healthy coy in your pond, chances are you will want to keep tabs on water quality.

Filters Fast: Eco Check
Eco Check

In less than a minute and a half, you can discover if your water has dangerous or high levels of nitrate, nitrite, hardness, alkalinity of pH using SenSafe’s Eco-Check 5 in 1 Test Strips.

Filters Fast: eXact Micro 7+
eXact Micro 7+

The new eXact Micro 7+ Standard Photometer Kit from Industrial Test Systems offers homeowners and water quality professionals the ability to test for 26 different parameters to ensure their water is safe and suitable for a variety of uses.

Filters Fast: WaterWorks 9-Way Test Kit
WaterWorks 9-Way Test Kit

The Water Works 9-Way Test Kit, part number WW-18K, is ideal for any user concerned with water quality. The 9-Way test kit effectively tests for 9 different contaminants and is an economical alternative to conventional testing.