Ever see the things that can grow in stagnant water? Ever SMELL the things that grow in stagnant water? We assure you those things neither look nor smell pretty. Now picture that same water in your swimming pool or spa. Again, not a pretty thought.

Pool water that does not get ‘turned over’ properly and circulated through the filtration system will eventually become stagnant. That means Little Tony’s urine, bile, spit, or worse will never get removed from the water… which means you get to swim in it over and over again. Yuck.

“What about the chemicals? Don’t those keep the water safe?” — Not without proper circulation, no. You will wind up with concentrated pockets of the chemicals in some parts of the pool while other areas will contain no chemicals; thus making both types of water potential health hazards.

Consult with your pool builder, pool technician, owner’s manual, or local pool supply store for more information on this topic. Typically they will want to know your pool size, the size of the pump/motor on your filtration system, and the number of hours you run your pump and motor.