Although many areas of the country continue to experience above average temperatures, the fact remains that the end of the 2010 swimming season has almost arrived. That means most pool owners have already started thinking about the things they’ll need to properly close up their pool.

Often making the list of things that pool owners need to pick up at the end of swimming season: winterizing chemicals, above ground winter covers, inground winter covers, and pool line anti-freeze.

When it comes to closing up a swimming pool most people, as a general rule, will add some form of shock treatment, a winter algaecide and a stain preventative to their pool water before putting on the cover. If closed properly, and nothing causes the cover to rip, a pool owner will remove the cover in the Spring and have crystal-clear water.

So anyways, the folks over at Pool Water Testing Blog have started posting stuff related to closing up swimming pools so if you happen to own a swimming pool and need to know where to get the correct pool closing supplies, those folks know a lot more about that sort of thing than we do… so go and check ’em out!

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