Most times our readers want to know about specific water testing solutions or seek information about filtering out a specific drinking water contaminant… and then other times people ask us very, very, VERY general questions.

As an example of the latter, Omoosh3000 wrote in and asked, “i want to ask all analysis if i can for potable water”.

We really think, Omoosh, that you should take a look at the EPA’s Safe Water Web Site since it contains everything from basic information the average homeowner can easily use to more technical information that water treatment plant operators can use if they need to look up Maximum Contaminant Levels (MCL’s) or have questions about the latest additions to the Primary & Secondary Drinking Water Standards.

“All analysis possible”…

Sounds like pretty tall order if you ask us so in lieu of testing for every possible water contaminant (a nearly impossible task!) we suggest that you use one of the following laboratory testing services to test for the contaminants usually found in drinking water samples: