‘Tis the Season for clean water, fa la la la la… la la la la.

With Christmas fast approaching we will now begin throwing interesting and USEFUL gift ideas out in the hopes that some of you will bypass this year’s trendy gimmick gifts and instead buy something of substance and worth… for the people in your family that you like.

Culligan RainDisc
Rain Shower Head Filter

We don’t care if you still want to send lumps of coal (or stale fruitcakes) to the other people on your Christmas list, though.

Rain water in your shower

Most of us have fond memories of walking around outside on a nice, warm Summer or Spring day enjoying the feeling of rainwater falling on our face. Each of the large, gentle drops striking our face softly and washing away some portion of the day’s dust.

Now imagine getting that same feeling each and every day in your shower… and NOT having the unpleasant smell of chlorine in the water.

With the Culligan RainDisc, an NSF/ANSI 177 Certified product for the reduction of free (available) chlorine in shower water, you can have it!

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Chlorine Tests
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Reduces chlorine and more

Not only does the Culligan RainDisc reduce free chlorine levels by 97% (test results verified by independent lab), but it also reduces scale, rust, sediment and the odor of sulfur (if present).

Chlorine keeps water safe… Why get rid of it?

While very true that tap water with a free chlorine residual will most likely contain a lot fewer bacteria and/or other biological contaminants than water without a free chlorine residual, but once the water reaches your shower, the chlorine has done its job — and most people want it to go away at that point.

Not only does chlorine have a tendency to smell really bad, prolonged and/or repeated exposure to chlorine residuals in shower water can dry out a person’s skin (especially in the Winter), damage their hair and in some cases cause acne.

Additionally, several studies have also pointed the finger at chlorine vapors given off by heated swimming pools and showers as potential sources of carcinogenic compounds called TTHM’s (Total TriHaloMethanes). Other studies have suggested that repeated exposure to TTHM’s may result in a higher likelihood of a person developing respiratory problems.

Worried that a lack of chlorine will result in bacterial growth?

The Culligan RainDisc uses a specially blended bed of KDF filter media whose chemical nature allows it to also act as a bacterial growth inhibitor as well as an effective filtration mechanism.

Easy to install

Worried that you (or the person you give this to as a gift) will need a plumber’s license to install the Culligan RainDisc RDSH-C115? Nonsense!

This unit comes with everything the average person would need to get the job done in a matter of minutes and more or less just screws onto the same place as your/their old shower head.

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