We decided to post this topic for one reason: Shock Value.

For those unaware of the planet’s drinking water situation because they have never run out of clean, safe drinking water or because they feel safe and smug in the knowledge that someone else will figure out a solution to our planet’s quickly vanishing water supply, the time may come when you may have to drink your own urine.

As repulsive and disgusting as that may sound, or as improbable as some would like to think that sounds, it has already happened in Windhoek, Namibia, the driest African country south of the Sahara ( source ). The lack of water in that region forced government officials to think outside the box and implement toilet to tap water recycling — or watch its population slowly die off from dehydration.

Did you know that Astronauts aboard the International Space Station have started drinking water recycled from their own urine and sweat because getting fresh water to them cost too much and required way too much effort?

So the next time you find yourself taking your supply of safe, clean drinking water for granted by not fixing leaky plumbing, overwatering lawns and gardens, washing vehicles more often than necessary, taking longer than needed showers, etc., just think about filling up your water bottle with recycled urine… and perhaps you won’t be quite so wasteful next time.