For the sake of argument we will assume you have installed some sort of filter on your kitchen sink… and it works perfectly fine for the times when you want water that contains no chlorine taste or smell in cooking water. But what if you want a glass of ice cold water straight from that fancy water dispenser on the front of your refrigerator? What then?

Easy Install Refrigerator Filter
Easy Install Refrigerator Filter

Do they make filters for the water passing through refrigerators? As a matter of fact, yes, they do.

Specifically, we know that a company called Crystal Quest makes an inline refrigerator filter that uses 4 stages of filtration including “post 5-micron filtration for bacteria, rust and sediment removal”, “KDF filtration for 99%+ chlorine removal”, and granulated activated carbon filtration for the removal/reduction of a wide range of organic contaminants, chemicals, pesticides, VOCs (volatile organic chemicals), bad taste, and odor.

Conveniently hooking up to pretty much any standard refrigerator water line, the Crystal Quest Refrigerator Filter makes an excellent addition to any household that wants to have clean tasting water dispensed from its refrigerator cold water tap.

As an added bonus, since this filter hooks in on the intake for the whole refrigerator, ice makers also will produce water using filtered water… meaning ice cubes should taste better, too!

Interested in improving the taste of water going into coffee makers, water coolers and/or drinking fountains? This in-line refrigerator water filter can also can be used on water fountains, water coolers and coffee makers.

How long will this filter last? A very good question! With normal water (i.e. typical municipal water) Crystal Quest says the unit will last for up to 6,00 gallons.