Angela from Wisconsin asked…

First of all, I love the format of your site. It gives useful information in a clean way that pretty much anyone can understand — even a non science person like me.

When my husband and I bought our house it came with a Moen water filter and none of the local stores in our area carry the right replacement cartridge. Can you help us with this problem?

Thank you for writing in, Angela. Without knowing the model of your Moen filter we cannot promise that we have the CORRECT answer for you, but we can promise that we know of a place to get replacement Moen water filter cartridges.

Take a trip over to Filters Fast and click on Moen Water Filters.

Filters Fast: Moen Replacement Filter
Moen Pure Touch Microtech Replacement Filter

Filters Fast: Moen Replacement Filter
Moen Choice Flo Replacement Filter