Looking for a way to stop using bottled water? Would you like to do so with style? If so, then you need the Slacker Water Bottle!

Slacker Water Bottle

We should all take steps to reduce the amount of plastic we consume and eliminating bottled water from our daily lives would certainly help us achieve that objective.

Manufactured from 18/8 food grade stainless steel, this 1.0 liter reusable water bottle has no liner to worry about and comes with a durable, BPA-free and phalate-free screw top that seals tightly in the bottle’s mouth to keep your portable water supply secure.

Also check out the slim, sleek design of the bottle which allows it to fit into a wide range of traditional water bottle holders.

Saving the best for last?

Whether at school, at the gym, just walking around town, or maybe even simply hanging out with friends, the clear message that you believe the world has too many Slackers in it will get through to even the most inattentive dimwits around you.

So… who do we think belongs on the list of slackers? We’ll start with anyone who refuse to recycle their plastics, metals, etc. Their desire not to at least make an effort to help this planet last longer (i.e. survive mankind’s abuse) speaks volumes about that person’s true slacker nature.

If enough people get the message and stop acting like shiftless and otherwise useless slackers when it comes to cutting down on bottled water we believe the world will become a much better place.

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