When we got this question about salt water pools we did not know what to do… because it made us laugh a LOT. You will understand why in a minute, we assure you.

Thank you, Nina from New Jersey, for making us laugh!

Can you help me settle an argument with my stupid husband? He insists that we don’t use chlorine in our new pool because we have what he calls a ‘salt generator’. Um, hello.. If it generates SALT, then WHY did the pool company have to ADD SALT when they set up the pool? My husband says we have one of those chlorineless pools. Can you PLEASE shut him up for me?”

Wow. We don’t even really know where to begin… so we’ll start by saying that salt water pools use devices called chlorine generators which converts the ‘Cl’ portion of salt (NaCl) into sanitizing chlorine molecules using a an electrolytic process.

So, Nina, to answer the question(s) we think you asked…

  • Salt water pools use chlorine generators, do not ‘salt generators’.

  • Salt water pools do technically have chlorine in them.

For a slightly more detailed explanation of the topic of salt water pools and chlorine generators, you might want to read Salt Water Pools & Chlorine Generators Explained on the Pool Water Testing Blog

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