Some people think fresh, clean fruits and vegetables grow on trees and that water purity has no effect on its quality. OK, so we exaggerated a bit. You’ll get over it.

In areas where water does not freely fall from the sky at produce growers’ commands, long lines of pipe and hose run deep into the hearts of crop fields so that all the plants may drink… water.

Ozone Test Strips

For the most part, all fruits and vegetables sprout up from, and spend most of their life in and around dirt, mud, dust and soil — until they get picked and thrown in bins for ‘processing’. At that point they get washed off with… water mixed with various sanitizers/disinfectants such as ozone, chlorine, chlorine dioxide and quaternary ammonia.

Then, once the produce reaches a packing house, and before the fruits and vegetables get chopped, sliced, diced, cubed, quartered and/or canned, they get thoroughly washed with… water containing sanitizers/disinfectants and then rinsed one more time with pure… water so that they have no traces of the potentially harmful (if ingested) sanitizers/disinfectants left on them.

So there you have it, folks. Water plays an integral part of the produce life cycle. Therefore, do you not think it important to monitor the quality of the water used to clean, rinse and process your produce?

So What Parameters Typically Get Tested?

Total Hardness — Very important for any farming or agricultural activity where water gets distributed via some sort of irrigation/watering system. High hardness levels can lead to deposits forming in the nozzles and over time the nozzles may become completely clogged. Find total hardness test strips

pH — Some folks question the importance of monitoring pH but ask people who grow grapes used for the production of wine and you’ll discover that variances in pH affect the taste of a grape dramatically… and that changes the taste and drinkability of the wine. Find pH test strips

Sanitizers/Disinfectants — At the washing stage produce handlers test their water to make sure it contains enough sanitizers/disinfectants. Then, at the rinsing stage, they test their water again to make certain the produce does not have any sanitizer/disinfectant residual on it. The presence of leftover chemical cleaning agents on the produce would lead to premature spoiling. Find chlorine test strips, ozone test strips, chlorine dioxide test strips and peroxide test strips.

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