While a bit off from our normal discussions pertaining to water, we would HATE ourselves if we did not at least take a few seconds to remind people that perfect pool water also makes for the perfect cause of accidental death…

No one wants to think about a loved one such as a child or family pet drowning in the family pool, but it HAPPENS every year and most experts agree that a swimming pool alarm might have prevented the tragedy.

Above Ground Swimming Pool Alarms
Above Ground Pool Alarms

Inground Swimming Pool Alarms
Inground Pool Alarms

Common sense says to keep an eye on kids and pets around the pool. The LAW requires you to take steps to prevent children and pool jumpers from accidentally falling in your pool.

Swimming Pool Alarms Save More Than Lives!

  • Inground pools MUST have a fence around them… and above ground pools security measures such as safety ladders

Safety ladders and fences work well to keep out most unwanted pool visitors, but what happens when a someone accidentally leaves a gate open, a ladder down… or when a child slips away from a parents’ watchful eyes because the phone rings or a visitor rings the doorbell?