Every once in a while we will get an inquiry from folks interested in water filters for larger, more robust applications… and for those folks we have written today’s post about a reverse osmosis filtration system for commercial applications capable of producing up to 4,000 gallons of highly filtered drinking water a day.

A company we have talked about in the past, Crystal Quest, has come out with a commercial (or whole house) reverse osmosis water filter system that uses (2) two 4″ x 40″ TFC HF1 Membranes, (1) one 4.5″ x 20″ Big White 5 micron sediment filter, (1) one 4.5″ x 20″ Big White 10 micron carbon block filter and, (1) one 4.5″ x 20″ Big White 1 micron sediment filter to effectively filter source water pushed through by a single 1 HP Multistage Goulds Pump and Motor (110/220 Volts AC, 60/50 Hertz).

Neatly packaged on a powder coated (white) aluminum, lightweight frame, this unit also boasts an inline TDS monitoring system so operators can keep a watchful eye on the purity of water produced by the system.

What good does monitoring TDS do?

When operating properly, a reverse osmosis system like the one pictured here, or like smaller, point-of-use versions such as the Crystal Quest Thunder 1000 CP, which combines reverse osmosis and ultrafiltration, will strip water of pretty much any dissolved matter… so if a TDS meter detects dissolved solids in water post-filtration, then something has gone wrong during the filtration process and one or more of the filter elements may need replacing.

If, by chance, your water usage does not require such a high volume of purified water on a daily basis, you may wish to consider the 2,500 gallon commercial reverse osmosis system or, if you just need a system for in-home use, you can find a number of units worth taking a look at on the Filter Water Web Site.

Filter Water: Portable RO Filter
Portable RO Filter

Filter Water: Crystal Quest Thunder 1000
Crystal Quest Thunder 1000

Filter Water: Crystal Quest Thunder 4000
Crystal Quest Thunder 4000