One would THINK that water coolers absolutely and always contain safe, clean drinking water… but they may not depending upon the frequency of bottle changes and routine maintenance. Safe bet that if you look at the catch tray beneath the spigots (faucet-looking things) and see something fuzzy growing in it, no one has cleaned the insides of the water cooler recently, either.

Hybrid Bottleless Water Cooler
Hybrid Bottleless Water Cooler

Reverse Osmosis and Ultrafiltration

Water in the replacement bottles (ought to) contain no disinfecting compounds such as chlorine to keep bacteria from multiplying so once the seal on the bottle gets broken, bacteria have a chance to enter the water supply, hang out, party like rock stars, and breed. Gross!

Ways to make water cooler water safer?

At this point we know of two ways to stop unwanted water cooler bacteria from ‘doing the nasty’ and getting away with it: UV Water Sterilizers and Ozone Generators.

UV Water Sterilizers more or less render bacteria unable to reproduce by exposing any bacteria passing through a water filter system to a specific wavelength of ultraviolet light. This method of water treatment normally leaves no chemical aftertaste or unpleasant odor — unless your water contained those things beforehand.

Ozone Generators generate ozone which effectively destroys organics on contact and leaves no unwanted chemical residue or bad tastes in the water. Again, water with bad odor or tastes previously will continue to have those problems.

Both of the above methods work best in systems that use other water treatment methods (i.e. reverse osmosis, carbon block filtration, ultrafiltration, etc.) to make drinking water safe for consumption. They provide a last line of defense again unwanted contaminants that could grow in holding tanks of water coolers or reverse osmosis units post-filtration since the filtering methods removed any anti-bacterial compounds and drinking water disinfectants.

Filter Water: UV Water Sterilizer
UV Water Sterilizer for Water Coolers

Filter Water: Ozone Generator
Ozone Generator for Water Coolers

Note: Professional Installation of Either Device Highly Suggested…
(Both items currently available as options for water coolers at FilterWater.Com)