With Spring and Summer come a little thing we like to call… yard work in the blazing hot sun. Those of you who live in the southern areas of the United States, and some in the Midwest, already KNOW what we mean by ‘blazing hot sun’. This week the majority of the South and Midwest should see temperatures 5 to 15 degrees above normal!

PUR Pitcher Water Filter
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One thing a person needs all the time but especially once the weather gets warmer: W-A-T-E-R. Rarely can a person ever get too much fresh, clean water in their system when working or playing in the heat.

As a matter of fact, one of our very own staff found himself on the not-so-pleasant end of dehydration and mild heat exhaustion this past weekend even though he did his best to stay hydrated while attempting to dig out an area for a recessed fire pit area in his backyard… in the middle of the afternoon on a 94-degree day w/ zero shade whatsoever.

Needless to say he learned his lesson and won’t EVER attempt such a stupid thing ever again and will start early in the morning or turn on the lights and work late into the night with an even bigger cooler full of water and gatorade/powerade close at hand.

Learn from our friend’s mistake and keep drinking that water, take breaks often, and time your activities to reduce your overall exposure to the worst/hottest times of the day.

Tap water, bottled water, or no water?

In situations where you have the option of drinking tap water or no water, 998 times out 1,000 we would suggest drinking tap water even if you normally loathe the taste of tap water. If dealing w/ bad tasting tap water means staving of the unpleasant effects of dehydration, then get over yourself and suck down a glass of tap water.

What about those two times when we would not suggest drinking the tap water? Common sense will let you know if you have had the unfortunate luck of encountering tap water so disgusting in taste, odor and appearance that you just KNOW bacteria or some other funky, not-good-for-you stuff lives in it.

On the topic of bottled water, however, we hope that plenty of people have smartened up and started using devices such as the Filtrete Four Bottle Water Station which gives people the power to bottle their own filtered water at home and take fresh, filtered water with them to work or school instead of buying disposable bottles which may or may not get recycled.

There’s no need to buy costly bottled water, which often is nothing more than filtered tap water anyway. By using the Filtrete Water Station (aka the four water bottle filler) to bottle your own water, you’ll be saving yourself money and saving the environment from the many plastic water bottles that go unrecycled every year. ( source )

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3M Filtrete Fast Flow Filter

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3M Filtrete Water Station Bottles