With the arrival of warmer comes… natural disasters such as flooding, hurricanes and tornadoes — each capable of leaving a family or entire community without safe, usable drinking water. We do not know if one of those terrible events caused ‘Rodney’ to write in, but he asked, “What is the best purification/filtration method to remove all nematodes and their eggs/larvae from water?”

We cannot say for sure that we know the best method to remove the items mentioned by Rodney, but we do know that agencies all over the world (i.e. UNICEF, Medicines Sans Frontiers, US and Foreign Embassies, Crown Agents, the IDA Foundation, Save the Children Fund, League of Red Cross, Green Crescent, etc.) rely on portable water filter systems made by Doulton to clean up water in Third World Nations and in Westernized Nations after natural disasters.

In the past we wrote about the Doulton SS2 Gravity Fed Water Filter and praised its effectiveness at removing as many impurities as it does without the use of gravity. Today we want to call your attention to another version of that filter, the Doulton LP-5 High Density Polyethylene Gravity Filter System which uses up to five of Doulton’s advanced ceramic filters (Imperial SuperSterasyl Ceramic Candles or Super Sterasyl Ceramic Candles) to produce safe, clean drinking water from municipal or natural water sources.

Made of food grade, high density polypropylene, the Doulton LP-5 Gravity Filter System has less weight than its stainless steel sibling, has an excellent reputation for durability, and also has a telescoping design that makes it easy to transport.

When used with SuperSterasyl candles that have a 0.2 micron thick layer of silver impregnated in their ceramic shells, the Doulton LP-5 Gravity Filter System effectively removes pathogenic bacteria such as E.coli, cholera, salmonella, shigella, typhoid etc with greater than 99.99% efficiency. It also removes 100% removal of pathogenic cysts such as cryptosporidium parvum, giardia lamblia, guinea worm, etc.

Inside the ceramic shell you will find a packed bed of coconut shell granular activated carbon (GAC) for the removal of chlorine, VOC’s (volatile organic compounds), industrial solvents, bad taste and odor, etc.

Moral of the story?

Before purchasing ANY water filter, make certain it will remove the things you need removed. In Rodney’s case we suggest finding out the sizes of the unwanted contaminants and making certain they have sizes larger than 1 micron since filters like the Doulton LP-5 Gravity Filter System can take out 98% of contaminants in the .02 .03 micron range and 99.999% of contaminants .9 microns or larger.

Doulton LP-5 Gravity Filter System

Note: A quick search on nematodes turned revealed that they have lengths of around 2.5mm (2,500 microns) or less.