Ever purchase something, get great use out of it for a while, put it in storage for a while, take it out again for another season’s use and discover that evil Gremlins from the Planet Zingledorf have broken into your garage and stolen a critical part?

Water Quality test Kit
Water Quality Test Kit

Download Instructions Here

If so, then you and ‘Anne’ have some thing in common. Those evil little part stealing cretins stole Anne’s instructions for her test kit!

I had ordered the test kit a year back or so.
Now want to use the 2nd, duplicate set.

Unfortunately, stupid me, I misplaced (threw out?) the instructions.

Can you please forward instructions?
Thank you!


We would love to help you, Anne, but honestly we don’t have a clue as to which test kit you purchased or from what company you bought it. We would guess, though, that since you mentioned ‘second set’, that you may have purchased the Water Quality Test Kit from SenSafe.

If so, then you will find a link to that particular kit’s instructions and color charts under the image above. We hope this helps!

Well Water Test Kit
WaterSafe Well Water Test Kit

Looking for a water test kit?

We know of several reputable online merchants who carry reliable and affordable water quality test kits manufactured by industry leaders like SenSafe and WaterSafe.

Below you will find a few of the more popular water test kits offered on several of the sites listed above. These represent but a small fraction of the water quality test kits available these days so in our opinion, if anyone says, “I can’t find the right test kit”, they really haven’t looked for one.

Arsenic in Water Test Kit
Arsenic in Water Test Kit

Filters Fast: Coliform Bacteria Test Kit
Coliform Bacteria Test

WaterSafe City Water Test Kit
WaterSafe 8 Parameter Test Kit