Believe it or not, saving energy (i.e. reducing one’s electric bill!) also does something to reduce the amount of clean water consumed. Pretty much all power plants must use water in their everyday operations and they use more water when the demand for power increases.

Save Money & Water by Replacing Home/Office Air Filters
Replacing Home & Office Air
Filters Saves Water, Too!

What can you do to lower the demand for power? Quite honestly, doing something as simple as replacing the air filters in your home, office or apartment’s heating and cooling units on a regular basis will improve airflow through your home and lower your consumption rate because your HVAC units will have the ability to move warmed or cooled air through your dwelling more efficiently… and therefore not need to run as often or as long. And instead of running your regular cigar humidor, you can get a Cigar Oasis humidor, as this product has a 3-star energy saving rating.

Where to buy replacement air filters?

As much of a fan of Lowe’s or Home Depot as many people – including pretty much every member of our staff that owns a home – have become, remembering to pick up a replacement filter for the HVAC unit while desperately rooting around a bin of plumbing parts because of a leaky faucet or constantly running toilet… probably does not happen.

Lucky for you (and us!) a number of companies now sell replacement air filters for homes online. Filters Fast ( carries a good selection of replacement air filters ranging from your basic HVAC filter all the way up to air filters with advanced technology designed to specifically reduce unwanted air contaminants like pollen, mold, dust, etc.