biguanide test strips

The term biguanide refers to a sanitizer that uses a complex polymer as its base rather than traditional chlorine or bromine molecules. Use of a biguanide sanitizer elimiates the offensive ‘chemical smell in a pool/spa, puts a stop to the bleaching of hair and swimwear, reduces eye irritation and makes it possible for those with allergic reaction to chlorine or bromine to enjoy a dip in the pool/spa.

Mixing Biguanide With Chlorine/Bromine?

A definite no-no. The chlorine or bromine will destroy the biguanide polymer and in some cases cause insightly preciptates to fall out of solution. You will NOT enjoy cleaning up a pool or spa in which biguanides have met up with oxidizers such as chlorine or bromine.

Switching Between Biguanide and Chlorine/Bromine Sanitizers?

For those who seek to switch from a biguanide system to chlorine/bromine system, or vice versa, make certain you remove ALL of the former biguanide system’s chemicals before adding the new system’s chemicals.

In the case where a person wants to switch from a chlorine/bromine system over to a biguanide system, they should perform a test for Total Chlorine/Bromine before adding any of the biguanide chemicals. Test strips work well for this application and pool/spa owners can choose from a number of multi-parameter test strips to get the job done:

And for those who REALLY want to make sure no chlorine resides in their water, try using the WaterWorksTM Ultra Low Total Chlorine Strips. Their lowest detection block starts at 0.005ppm total chlorine — an incredibly detection level for a dip and read test strip!

Products such as Chlorine & Bromine Neutralizers effectively remove the oxidizers in most cases but you should ALWAYS test to make sure.