We get questions asking us about test kits for fluoride on a regular basis and today we have some exciting news: FilterWater.Com has partnered with National Testing Laboratories and now carries a home drinking water test kit for fluoride that allows homeowners to find out if their water contains fluoride, and if so how much, in as little as 5 days.

Why test for fluoride?

While considered ‘safe’ by the USEPA for use as a drinking water additive that helps prevent tooth decay, countries in Europe and other places around the world have outlawed its use because of studies that have shown a correlation between fluoridated water and serious health problems.

Fluoride in Water Test Kit

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  • Fluoride from tea and toothpaste weakens bones?
  • Fluoride in water linked to lower intelligence?
  • EPA considering removing ‘safe’ level amounts for pesticides containing fluoride

    While Water Testing Blog has not, yet, determined exactly what to think about fluoride — except thatthe topic definitely deserves some serious consideration — many others out there have made up their minds on the matter and published lists such as, if not very similar to, 50 Reasons to Oppose Fluoridation.

    I have well water so I’m safe from fluoride, right?

    Wrong. Fluoride can occur naturally in ground water and some cases naturally occurring levels of fluoride actually exceed levels deemed ‘safe’ in municipal (city/public) water systems.

    Other testing methods for fluoride?

    Aside from having fluoride levels tested along with a bunch of other important drinking water parameters using a mail-in kit such as the WaterCheck Laboratory Test Kit ( what it tests for ), homeowners can either call a private water testing firm in their area (always make sure the lab has the correct certifications!) or use a meter like the eXact Micro 7+ Water Testing Meter along with the proper fluoride reagent delivery system (sounds much more complicated than it is!) to test fluoride levels in their drinking water.