No matter how many ‘new’ and/or ‘innovative’ methods scientists devise to make water safe for drinking, we believe a certain faction in society will still put its trust in the sanitizing effects of free chlorine. This also means we believe a need for chlorine testing will always exist.

As an immediate example of this need, a Water Testing Blog reader named John recently asked, “Hi I am installing a 5000 litre water tank which i intend to add chlorine to and need an inexpensive free chlorine meter could you advise me on what to purchase as this is a new venture for me. Regards,John M.”

Thank you, John, for your question and more importantly for reminding us that we needed to examine the cost of chlorine meters at some of our favorite online merchants: FiltersFast.Com and FilterWater.Com.

In no particular order…

And in conclusion…

The USEPA approves of using DPD when testing drinking water and/or wastewater for chlorine content. Therefore, we suggest you invest in a system that uses DPD for free chlorine and/or total chlorine residual testing.

Meter for Chlorine Testing
EPA Compliant Meter for Free & Total Chlorine Testing
. . . When Used w/ Reliable, Trusted DPD Chemistry