Per the request of several men and women currently serving in the United States Armed Forces and other branches of the Unites States Government, we will begin posting possible alternate products for popular (established) NSN’s (National Stock Numbers) related to water quality testing.

NSN: 6630010273914, 6630010440334, 6630010673827 — Chlorine, Bromine and pH Visual Test Kits

  • WaterWorks and SenSafe Test Strips — Simple dip and read test strips for a wide range of parameters. Easier to use than wet kits, longer shelf lives, and much more convenient to carry.
  • eXact EZ Water Quality Testing Meter — EPA Compliant (for free and total chlorine) handheld multi-parameter water quality testing meter. IP67 Waterproof rating.

Note: We have found that the products suggested above meet or exceed the specifications of the original NSN (National Stock Number) item. This does not mean, though, that you may substitute them in place of the item on a Government Contract. We provided the above information as possible sources of water quality testing products for consideration in future Contracts/Bids only.